Thursday, 6 August 2009

Plagued by bait robbers

Early signs tonight pointed to the possibility of a great nights fishing. Noticeably there were lots of fish topping, Pike were causing a commotion as they broke through the surface of the water striking at their prey, the area I'd chosen to fish was indeed full of life. My first fish on the tip was sacrificed by the jaws of a passing Pike. My confidence of landing some decent fish was at an all time high. I should though have known better.... I had a screaming run on my corn rod, which produced nothing, this happened time and time again, it turned out that I was being robbed, more than likely by some opportunist Roach that were not quite big enough to hook themselves on my cunning hair rig, however they were certainly cunning enough to suck the bait from the hair. My Pike bait went the whole session completely unnoticed. It wasn't all bad news though as I did land a decent Tench of 3lb 8oz. I can't help feeling though that I may have had a decent session if it wasn't for the bait robbers....... Alan who was unable to fish tonight, decided to pay me a surprise visit, he walked to where he thought I'd be fishing but he couldn't find me, he then decided to walk around a mile in the opposite direction to see if I was there, I wasn't! He'd been only 4 pegs away from me but somehow failed to spot me, I estimate that he probably walked around 3 miles in total. Hahahaha thanks for the laugh mate :)