Monday, 24 August 2009

Biggest Pike of the season.......So far

I made my way down to the match length and to one of my favourite pegs. I was pretty late in setting off and was only rods in by 11ish. I fished for Pike and Tench, I also fished on the tip. I really struggled to get a bite on the tip, I think I had maybe half a dozen or so fish the whole session, word from other anglers has it that they were struggling too, so I wasn't on my own. I did have better luck on the Pike and Tench rods. I had two Tench, one of around 2 and a half pounds which fell to hair rigged corn, the other at 3lb 6oz which interestingly came on double fake corn. This is the first Tench that I have caught on an artificial bait, I'd wager that I would have caught a few more Tench on this session but at around 5pm the Sluice started to pump, a constant tow brought with it a load of weed and other debris, it was a right pain as it kept wrapping itself around my line, I was constantly having to recast. Now to the Pike rods, I had 3 Pike in total, the first around 4lb's the second around 2lb's and would you believe it just like Thursday (No I didn't fall in) I had another take just as I was packing up, the result one angry Pike that went ballistic the fight made all the harder because of the amount of weed that it collected around itself, It tail walked all over the place, an impressive sight to say the least, I didn't know how big it was until I slipped her into the net, which I may add was a struggle as she pretty much filled it. I unhooked her, and slipped her into the weigh sling, 15lb 10oz is where the needle on the scales finished, that'll do for me. So from what looked like a terrible session turned out to be a pretty good one in the end.

15lb 10oz
Same fish, different angle