Thursday, 27 August 2009

It's just good to be there


Rain, rain, rain, and a little more rain, was today's weather, so only one thing for it then, time to go fishing. Now I must admit although the thought of getting wet through when out fishing isn't too appealing, I'd much favour these conditions too a red hot day. It's a 2 minute job to erect my JRC shelter, after that's up I'm not bothered what the weather is doing. I would say though that my least favoured weather conditions would have to be wind, mostly because the match length is very open with no cover from trees whatsoever. Give me an overcast rainy day any day. So to the fishing, as the fishing has been rather quiet of late I thought I'd up the chances a bit so I fished 2 tip rods, one of the tip rods exclusively baited with worm and the other on artificial corn. The worm rod paid dividends as I caught a ruck of Perch, as for the corn, I had a couple of half pulls but no fish. The Pike rod saw some action, but no fish on the bank, I had my bait pinched by one Pike and I pulled out of another, must have been a day for ambitious Jacks. Nonetheless I had a good afternoon solo session, sometimes it's just good to be there, if you know what I mean?