Saturday, 8 August 2009

Early start and a red hot day

I arrived nice and early to my swim this morning, early enough for the sun just starting to peek over the horizon, and early enough to catch the mist that covered the Sluice like a blanket. It was far too hot today though, these days are no good for fishing on the Sluice, I'd much prefer a dull overcast rainy day over a scorchio. So to the fishing... I had quite a few bits on the tip, I had a fair amount of Hybrids some small roach and the odd Perch. I did catch 2 Tench one of around 3 pounds and the other around 2 pounds. A most welcome site though was the Bream of 3lb's. This is only the second Bream that I have caught from the Sluice this season, have their numbers declined or are they shoaling up?

Early morning mist, how enticing
A rare sight these days
I'm getting pretty good at this self take business