Thursday, 4 June 2009

Getting Sniggy with it!

I fished on the pole at Sollom today, the weather was glorious and was so hot that I decided to fish from 5 O'clock onwards. I stayed until the edge of dark, I had a few fish but broke no records. I had my usual bag of Eels, I decided to weigh the biggest one of the session and I was surprised that it only weighed 14oz, it would appear that I have been over estimating some of my previous Eel weights. This has prompted me to start a list of record catches of all species, although I've caught a lot of bigger fish in the past, I'm going to start the list from scratch. Except my Pike record as from a personal point of view that is going to take some beating. I've also decided that next week I'm going to have a few sessions on the Leeds Liverpool Canal, I'm told that there are some decent Tench in there, and I quite fancy a good old scrap on the tip rod.