Tuesday, 16 June 2009

June the 16th and the opening day of the season

It was finally here, the first day of the season was upon us, and myself and Ben sure were going to make the most of it. I set my alarm for 3am and met Ben at the car park at 4am. We were greeted to a lovely early morning mist that made the water look so enticing. Amazingly we were not the first there, there were around another 4 anglers rods in by the time we arrived. I fished one live bait rod and fished my tip rod for Tench. The live bait rod was soon into some action, within 30 minutes I had lost a big Pike on the fight, and landed a decent Perch of 1lb 4oz, this is the biggest Perch I have caught from the drains. My tip rod had a couple of pulls but I didn't land any fish from it, I did catch a few livies from my whip I was also snapped off three times by Tench, I did catch a Bream of 3lb 10oz and a Tench of around 2 lb's, which was rather strange looking as it was covered in red spots, and that was it, as soon as the sun had risen and burned off the mist, the fishing came to an end, it was like someone had flicked a switch. I spoke to a few anglers, and a lot of them had struggle to get so much as a bite never mind a fish! As for Ben he fished on the tip and dead baited 2 rods, he had no action from his tip rod but had three takes from his dead bait rod, he landed one of them, a Pike of around 9lb's. We stayed until last light but in hindsight we should have packed up at dinner. I did think that the fishing would switch on again at dusk alas it didn't, compared to some though we had a great day's fishing.

Early morning mist on the Sluice

1lb 4oz Perch
3lb 10oz Bream (Notice damage from a possible encounter with a Pike)
Unusual markings on a Tench
Ben's Pike and his first of the season