Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Gone in 60 seconds....

I arranged to take Mo to the Sluice, it would be the first time in about a year since Mo has fished the water. We arrived just after 7am, and I set about trying to catch some bait, now you'd think that this wouldn't be too difficult, but believe me sometimes trying to catch so much as a fingerling off the Sluice can be a very hard task indeed, in fact it was Mo who turned up with a rather gammy looking Perch - it looked like it was on it's last legs, perfect for the task in mind, I cast over to the far reed bed and set the float, incredibly within around 25/30 seconds I was in! A very hard fighting Pike of around 8lb's provided me with some great sport.

Now apart from a Hybrid of around a pound and a half caught on my tip rod, the rest of the day was pretty dead, it was a great struggle to get a bite today, I wish I knew what it was that switches off this water, I would think that it could have something to do with the scorching weather that we have been having this week.

I have of late being mentoring Allan, a fellow fisherman equally as keen as myself that I have come to know from fishing at Sollom. I have shown him how to fish on his tip rod and today he joined me in the hope of catching his first drain Pike and Tench, my student did well, landing a Pike of 8lb 2oz and a Tench of 2lb 12oz. Good fishing mate, ob1 has taught you well :).

As for Mo, well apparently he fished a rubbish peg, it was my fault that he only caught 2 fish all day, including the Perch that he gave me, and that he also hates the match length as he never catches fish in there. To add insult to injury as he was packing up I went over to his peg and chucked my Micro Rooter around his swim, he was most distressed to see me catch a small jack from under his nose. :) You have to love the Micro Rooter!

The fast catch