Tuesday, 30 June 2009

5 Tench and 2 Pike, oh and a Hybrid, not a bad session then

I practised what I preached today, and I tried a different section of the Sluice, I walked a fair way, far enough to enjoy a big stretch of river to myself, now that's what it's all about isn't it? Time on the bank with only myself and the local wildlife to keep me company. Why people bother with commercials just baffles me? A Pike rod and a Tench rod were to be my weapons of choice. I tried something a little different to try and tempt the Tench today, and I had what can only be described as devastating results. I fished sweetcorn, and instead of hooking it straight to the hook as I'd normally fish, I made a hair rig. I ledgered on an alarm, rather than fishing the tip as this way I can keep a constant eye on my Pike rod. I still used the 2oz section though, as you get a cracking fight on lighter tackle. I was soon into some rod bending action, in fact on both rods, I'd just landed a decent Pike when my ledger rod was away like a good un! The result was my first Tench of the day, in total I had 2 Pike to 9.15oz and 5 Tench to 3lb 12oz. I also had a Hybrid of about a pound. I was soon joined by Alan and although he was on the peg next to me, he wasn't on the receiving end of much action, spare 2 hybrids around a pound each, incidentally both of which were caught on hair rigged corn. A little tip..... my baiting needle for hair rigs was found at the bottom of my tackle box broken, what to do? I used a treble hook from my Pike tackle and found the barb most useful in assisting the corn up the hair. I'll certainly be using a hair rig for Tench again

I'm laughing at Al because he's being grumpy at the amount of Tench I've caught :)

Hooked by the hair in the same place everytime