Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Nice Tench! Tinca's! The Doctor fish! You can tell it's a male! Paint brush tail!

Are all cliches that you hear when referring to Tench, in fact the next time someone tells you they have caught a Tench, pay attention! The word Tench is almost always preceded by the word Nice. Anyway back to the fishing, I fished The Sluice, and walked a bit of a distance to fish a different area than my usual haunts, although I do favour some areas, as I have caught some decent fish from my favoured pegs over the years, I fear that I could become a bit of a creature of habit, and I may add that my 2 biggest Pike from the Southport drains 17lb 10oz and 16lb have both been caught by me moving about to areas that I haven't fished before, with this in mind, I intend to move about a bit over the coming weeks. I fished with Alan, and he landed a Pike of around 8lb's at the same time I landed a Tench of round 3lb's. (I'm still looking for a Tench over 5lb) I caught 2 Tench in total and I had quite a few bits on my Whip, alas not so much as an enquiry on my Pike rod

Nice Tench :)