Sunday, 31 May 2009

Record Perch and a another session at Heapy


A few hours at Sollom was rewarded with a Perch of 1lb 4oz this is the biggest Perch that I have caught to date, admittedly not the biggest Perch to grace our waters, but a good catch all the same. I was fishing on the pole, it fell to a single red maggot fed over a bed of red maggots as ground bait.


Another night session at Heapy was on the cards for this weekend, however rathe disappointingly it was very busy, and just as suspected the Carp were in the middle of spawning. I still managed to catch though, I had two runs, the first one came off but the second run resulted in a fish of around 10 to 11lb, interestingly I managed to tempt this fish by using a Korda Maggot Ring, a bait that was a little different, perhaps something that they don't see too often? I'll certainly be using them again. The weather this weekend was absolutely scorching! With temperatures of around 25c this sure was a stark contrast from the conditions that I usually have to endeavour whilst night fishing, It's the first session in a long time that I didn't get a soaking. Taking into consideration that the weather was so hot and that I'd arrived mid spawning, I decided to pack up early and Head off home, it would seem that I wasn't alone in my thinking as the reservoir was pretty much empty