Tuesday, 9 June 2009

In search of Tench from the Leeds Liverpool canal

As mentioned in my previous post, I fancied a change this week, and in particular I wanted to target Tench on the Leeds Liverpool Canal. I fished on my tip rod and used Lob Worms as bait. The bites were slow, in fact around 3 hours went by without so much as a nibble. I wasn't to be left disappointed though as my rod hooked over and I was in, and what a fight I was given, I knew I was into a Tench as I was being pulled all over the place, I was on light gear so I didn't rush it, after around 5 minutes my first Canal Tench slipped into the net. It weighed 3lb 3oz, not a bad start, I had a couple more fish but no more Tench. I had a small Skimmer and a decent sized Hybrid of 1lb 14oz. What was pleasing for me was that I didn't catch any Eels. I'll be heading back to this swim later this week. Catching this Tench has whetted my appetite for the Fishing season that starts next week, I'll be looking forward to catching some of The Sluice Tench over the coming weeks.