Sunday, 21 June 2009

The Fox Micro Rooter

I fished the Sluice for a few hours with my Jerkbait rod. I covered a big area with various lures without any takes, until I switched to an old faithful lure of mine. I switched to a Fox Micro Rooter and I was soon into fish, the first fish wasn't much bigger than the Rooter itself, the second fish was around 8lb's a decent fish off the Sluice on a lure, and I'm pretty sure this is the biggest fish I've caught on a lure from the drains to date. I also had another fish of around 1 and a half pounds, all fish came late on as the sun was setting and they were all caught within half an hour of each other. The Fox Micro Rooter is a brilliant lure for the drains, best used on a straight retrieve or by imparting short sharp twitches, a solid body and a rubber tail which flutters enticingly, it's little wonder then that it catches it's fair share of Pike.

The Micro Rooter strikes again

and again :)