Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Night Session 'Billy No Mates'

As the Carping season is coming to an end I intend on cramming in as many sessions as I can. And with a vacation planned for next week opportunities are running out. So I headed down on my own to my local Carp Water. I set up around 2pm and planned to stay for at least a night. Beef came down for a chat and stayed for several hours. My first run came just as it was getting dark. I'd hooked into a Mirror of around 10lb's. I'd just settled down and was chatting to Beef when a figure was approaching from the woods. Another Carper was heading for another late night session. I wasn't to be alone! "Alright Lads" was his greeting, and only when he was around 5 feet away was it clear as to who it was. It was Ben! He'd decided to pay a surprise visit. Not wishing to miss out on any of the action. I may add at this point that he'd just acquired a new set of alarms and receiver, and will have been dying to try them out. Alas his efforts were in vain as we were to have a very quiet night indeed. Not so much as a beep! Morning soon came and Ben made his way to work, and promised himself that he'd never night fish again when he has work in the morning. We'll see about that. It's at this point that I should have packed up too. But I didn't I stayed the rest of the day, through pouring rain and thunder storms. Just my luck. I had a couple more runs, and lost a couple of fish, before finally calling it a night around 10ish at night. Not the best Carping session I have ever had but certainly not the worst.