Monday, 29 September 2008

Kenny's quest for a Pike part 4. JOB DONE!

Now there is one thing that you can't accuse Kenny of, and that is determination. After around half a dozen Pikeless sessions last year, and finally giving up the ghost around October. This year a new and enthusiastic Kenny has embraced the world of Piking. Today was to be Kenny's fourth Piking trip of the season. The last three sessions, have proven to be fruitless to say the least. kenny can often be heard saying "Just a run would be nice" in fact I'd guess that the highlight of Kenny's Piking sessions so far, are without a doubt the Sausage and Egg Barms that I've been serving up on the bank side. Today hopefully was to be his day. We were setting up on the bank by around 6.45am. Kenny opting for Beef's usual peg and I went for my usual swim. Kenny was fishing in both the near margin and the far margin hoping that a Pike patrolling either side would find his bait. I recommended to him that he forget the far margin and fish both rods close in, as this swim seem to produce more fish from under your feet. Around 20 minutes later, he was in! Sure enough the bait he'd only just moved was under investigation. I talked him through when and how to strike, (I'm not sure whether he heard me or not, because he'd already entered what I call 'The Zone' This is where you are totally oblivious to the outside world, and the only thing that matters is catching the fish. You can be in 'The Zone' for quite a while after the catch. Classic signs are, Stepping on tackle, Breaking things, Visibly Shaking, Setting up your rod incorrectly, and an ear to ear smile.) He wound down onto the fish , felt the weight and whoomph! A strike that I'd have been proud of. His line was kept tight, a battle ensued and soon the Pike was in the net. He'd done it! Finally he'd caught his first ever Pike. And what a cracker it was too. A good strong hard fighting fish. And his first Pike was a double weighing an impressive 10lb 2 oz. He couldn't believe his luck. It was a textbook capture to boot, the hooks caught just in the scissors of it's jaw. I would think that it will take quite a while for kenny to beat his new PB, but one thing is for sure he'll definitely be back on the bank trying. Well done Ken you deserve it. As for me? Not a touch! Out fished by a Bung!

Kenny's Cracker 10lb 2oz