Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Not Over The Moon


After witnessing me catch three Pike on our last outing, Beef and Kenny were keen to get amongst the catches. I arrived on the bank at 5.30am and they soon followed. Traps were set and we waited eagerly for one of our rods to signal a take. We waited and waited and waited, in fact we waited a staggering 14 hours and in this time Beef had the only take of the session, but the fish came off on the strike, an over ambitious Jack Pike perhaps? Another angler tried his luck on three rods and he was using live baits, eventually admitting defeat by packing up before us. They were just not interested in feeding today no matter what we tried. Interestingly the Moon Phase had finished it's cycle. So kenny's quest for his first ever Pike continues, another trip for Friday has been planned.

Date. 23/09/08. (Moonrise. N/A) (Moonset. 16.34) (Moon phase Finished)

The same cycle of the month in August I fished at my local Reservoir and between myself and Ben we had one fish. I will try and fish the same Moon Cycle next month and I will log the results on here. The new Moon Phase starts on Monday.