Saturday, 20 September 2008

First Match Of The Pike League Produces 0-0 Bore Draw

Ben and I have decided to add a little spice to our Piking season this year. We are going to have a League table. Points will be awarded on Pike weight, for example if a Pike was caught and weighed 10lb's, 10 points would be awarded to whoever caught it. The holder of the biggest capture of the season will be awarded a bonus 11 points. The prize paid in cash will be awarded to the winner. The prize will be the difference in points paid in cash. So today was to be the first match of the season. The season ends on March 14th the last day you can fish before the season finishes. We arrived before dawn and eagerly awaited a catch and to put some points on the board. Typically though, when we put pressure on a catch, we both managed to blank.