Thursday, 18 September 2008

First Dead Baiting Session Of The Season

Today was to be the first Dead Baiting session of the season. I'd arranged to meet Beef, kenny, and Charlie on our local drain. My alarm was set for 5am and I was on the bank by 6am. Beef was the first to arrive, and we were rods in by 6.15am. Kenny and Charlie arrived soon after. Traps were set and we eagerly awaited for one of our alarms to indicate a take. We didn't have to wait too long as I was to be the first to receive a take. My left rod was in. I wound down on to the fish and felt a decent sized lump at the end. The Pike didn't put up too much of a fight which was a little disappointing. It weighed 9lb not the biggest fish in the drain, but a good start to the season non the less. I was in again within the hour. This time a much harder fighting fish but it weighed a little less at 8lb 2oz, this Pike was unusual as it was covered in red markings. Finally I caught a third fish, a Jack Pike of around 3lbs. As for my fellow fishing companions, Beef received 2 takes but both fish came off during the fight. Charlie had one suspected take. Sadly Kenny didn't get so much as a beep.

First Pike of the season 9lb.
Thanks for telling me my hat was wonky mate!
Red Flanked 8lb 2oz

Jack Pike of around 3lb's