Friday, 29 August 2008

You can't catch them if they're not there!

I headed down the River Yarrow for a quick session on my tip rod. I opted for my favoured swim, and fished bread flake on my cage feeder. Although I received a couple of bites, non were substantial enough to rip my tip around and indicate a bite from a greedy Chub. I stayed for around an hour and a half before packing up to get my gear ready for a nights Barbel fishing with Ben.

The Night Session..........

We headed for a club controlled water that we have been meaning to try for a while. We were rods in just before night fall. Our target species was to be Barbel. However the one and only bit of action that came was on Ben's rod. At around 4.30am his alarm signalled a take. Not unfortunately his intended quarry, he'd caught a Chub of around 3lb. We heard from another angler that some Barbel had been caught further down stream. It would seem that the section of river we had chosen was devoid of Barbel. And as my blog title suggests if you can't catch them if they're not there