Tuesday, 16 September 2008

A spot of fishing in Sorrento

While I was away on holiday I was feeling the urge to wet a line. So I came up with the idea that If I could find a fishing tackle shop then I would Buy some line and hooks, and try my hand at some Hand line Fishing. And that is exactly what I did. I Caught a few fish, but it certainly wasn't as easy as it looked. I fished mainly on bread, but the fish seemed to have the knack of eating all the bait and somehow managing to avoid the hook. As the water was so clear I could see how they were feeding. Interestingly once the bait hit the bottom they were not interested. They seemed to favour competing for their food up in the water. I would chuck a few freebies into the sea, and each time small fish would appear, but they would soon be out muscled by bigger fish. I hooked into a couple of decent sized fish the biggest being some nice looking Mullet. Each of the bigger fish always shook the hook, and with me not having a rod i was unable to play the fish. There are some beautiful fish in the sea at Sorrento. Here are a few pictures of some that I caught. I had some great fun doing it too!