Monday, 9 June 2008

A fantastic day on Windermere

The Piking Pirate had sent me a text message during the week. "WINDY when u ready. fishin good" Now how tempting of a text was that? So I arranged for a session on Monday 9Th. A very early start. I was up at 3am and at his house for 4am. Gordie was very optimistic, the weather was perfect the moon phase was excellent. "We're in for a good day today mate" He said. He as usual was right. He absolutely Cained the fish on there today. He had a very good run of fish, he boated 9 all together, the largest being around 17lb. Most of the Pike fell to dead baits, the odd one or two falling to lures. I had one fish in the boat, although it was an absolute cracker, quite possibly one of the biggest Pike I'll ever catch. I struck in to it and Gord guided me through it. I was using my light spinning rod and according to Gord it was bent over like an 'O' "It's a miracle that the rod didn't snap". "It's a good job I've got a strong heart" he said. When we boated the fish it became apparent that I'd caught something special. I'd landed what he refers to "One of the Super Tankers" He placed it in the sling and I waited for the verdict. "What's your PB mate?" "12lb 90z" I answered. I'd shattered it. She weighed a staggering 26lb. I was over the moon. With Gord's guidance I'd caught the fish of dreams. Only 4 days earlier I was chatting to Ben that this seasons target was to be a 20+ fish. I knew I'd raised the bar with that statement, but with a lot of time and effort I considered it possible. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I'd achieve it 4 days later. I will be eternally greatful to Gord for my monster catch, and without a doubt i owe this catch to his guidence and knowledge of the water. He is the stuff of legends