Monday, 30 June 2008

Can't buy a bite

I headed down to the Match Stretch for the day. As there was a match on in the evening. I made my way down to peg 20. It's quite a walk when you're fully loaded with gear. The fishing was awful. I hardly had a bite all day, I fished from 11am until 10pm and didn't catch one fish. kenny came down for a few hours, and he had one bite and one fish, a roach of around 2 ounces. I enquired how the match fished, apparently most anglers struggled and the winning weight was around 3lb. The sluice is just not fishing well at all, It's a real head scratcher. My theory is that the water is way too clear and that perhaps farming chemicals have washed into the drain from the surrounding fields. Either way I'll be giving coarse fishing on the Sluice a rest for a few weeks.