Monday, 16 June 2008

June 16th Opening day of the season

My only catch of the day, but very welcomeDid someone mention meat?

I had arranged to meet Ben and Chris at the Sluice. Our main target was to be Pike and Tench. I arrived at around 9 o'clock in the morning, Ben and Chris had set up earlier. Beef made a guest appearance for about an hour, he's still recovering from a few days away. Without waffling on too much about the days events, it can be summed up quite easily. Disappointing! Although Ben had caught 2 Jack Pike earlier in the morning, by 14.30 in the afternoon this was the only bit of action between us. Chris had more than enough by this time and made a swift get away. Just myself and Ben left (Both just as stubborn as each other) we decided to change location and head to Sixfields. It was a bit of an upheaval but we'd walked quite away down the Sluice and figured it best we packed up earlier rather than at dusk. The highlight of the session by far was Ben's Bank side cuisine. A Smorgasbord of carnivorous delights, more than enough to settle the hunger of Rex and his companion. As for the fishing. I was heading for a certain blank until right at the end when I hooked into a Pike of around 4lb's caught on a Fox Micro Rooter. I'd snaffled it from Ben. There were quite a few other anglers on the bank, and one thing is for certain, we didn't see anyone else catch a fish. By all accounts it would seem that the water is far too clear, and this seems to have switched the fishing off. For once I'm hoping it rains, as this will get the fish moving, and should induce feeding.