Sunday, 8 June 2008

New Venue is truly outsanding

First Fish off the new water

Common Carp 9lb 2ozBest Fish of the session at 13lb 15oz

Mirror Carp 10lb 6oz

I was up at 4 am this morning, I had arranged to meet Ben at our new Carping water. I arrived in good time at 5 am. Ben had over slept but to his credit was at the bank side by 5.45am. I took my time setting up. I knew I had all day, so I didn't want to rush and cock things up. My tactics for today were to set both rods up on 'The Method' and to experiment with baits. My first run came at just after 7.30 and I landed a Bream of around 2lb's. I had a good few hours to wait until my next run which came at around 11.20am This was a much better fish a Common Carp at 9lb 2oz a little under half an hour later I was in again, another decent Common Carp and a little bigger at 13lb 15oz, a great fish. It was to be around 7 hours until I was to have any more rod bending action. At around 18.30 I landed my first Mirror Carp of the session, a good size at 10lb 6oz. All fish with the exception of the largest Carp fell to 'The Method' and 15mm Mainline Strawberry pop up boilie. The larger Carp succumbed to double pineapple flavoured maize. As for Ben well no matter what tactics he tried today he just couldn't winkle a fish off. His only run of the day coming when he went to his car to get his jacket. I heard his left hand rod starting to strip a bit of line, I hasitated for a while but knew I had to strike into it. Fortunately it was only a Bream of around 1lb, and luckily the fish found freedom when i puposefully let the line go slack. This is because it was a brand new rod and reel and he'd have killed me if I'd christened them. :-) All in all we had a fantastic day today, we had the luxury of a cooked breakfast on the bankside and the weather held out all day. We packed up just before 23.00pm that's around 17 hours fishing. We finally called it a day when Ben struck into his first screaming run of the day, as I returned with the net I saw him holding his bait in his hand. What had happend? This is the moment he deserved he'd waited 17 long hours for this. We deduced that it must have been a liner (A fish swimming in to his line) We've found a great water here and I can't wait until we go back.