Sunday, 13 April 2008

Rufford stretch and then a session at The Saracens Head

The Mrs trying her hand at lure fishingPro Logic pulls in another jack
Fourth time lucky

The very long fishing session and early start from the day before had taken it's toll, so I treated myself to a lie in. But I was soon on the bank and using the new Pro logic lure I have taken a liking to. The weather was turning for the worse again. I seem to be cursed by rain, it can hold off all day but as soon as I set off fishing it seems to start. I was soon into my first Pike, another jack of about a pound, the second was a long time coming but It was an interesting take. I was trolling on the way back and it struck the Lure, it came off, then it struck again, it came off, then as I pulled the lure out of the water it jumped out mid air to grab it, a truly amazing sight, I stayed for a few more casts, determined to catch this little feller. My patience paid off and fourth time lucky I had it on the bank, it was no monster but it was great fun. Later I made my way with Katy to the Saracens Head stretch where she tried her first chuck on the lure rod. Alas we didn't catch. They seemed to be switched off tonight.