Friday, 4 April 2008

Appley Bridge to Parbold and back and not even a Jack!

Bridge at Parbold Canal

Fancied trying somewhere different today. Started off at Sparks Bridge which proved fruitless. Called at Coppull Angling and purchased a new lure, a Salmo replica Pike. I was brimming with confidence with this little feller as it looked brilliant, a Pike catcher surely. I then stopped off at Appley Bridge and worked my way to Parbold. I underestimated the distance, I'd say that the total distance I walked was around 6 miles. I didn't even see a Pike never mind catch. Not to be put off, later on I had a sneaky hour at the Saracens Head stretch. I was later to regret this decision. Once again there was no sign of any Pike but I did manage to catch. Unfortunately it was a Coot. I managed to catch it by casting my lure and snagging one of it's feet by the trebles. I reeled in and tried to release the hooks. It obviously put up quite a struggle, after around 5 minutes it was free and I'm glad to say back in the water, if not a little shook up, so was I. Not the best day for Pikeing today.