Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Early morning lure session with Beef

I'm not sure how but Beef managed to talk me into an early spinning session this morning. This wouldn't normally be a problem but I was still tired from my weekends travelling. We met at 7 O'clock at the Saracens Head. It was yet again very windy with gusts up to 50 mph. I didn't fancy our chances much. I worked my way through several lures before I found one that took a Pikes interest. Not much in size it weighed 2lb 15oz at least I had chance to try out my new FOX digital scales. I borrowed one of Beefs Lures, a little Pike plug. After around half a dozen casts or so I saw a Pike follow it. I recast in the same area and it hit it straight away. A little one of about a pound. Beef called me a few choice names as this was my second fish and he hadn't caught. We packed up at around 10.30 as Beef had to go to work. He had around a dozen "one last casts" alas no Pike for Beef today. We're off Carping on Thursday and I'm sure he'll give me a run for my money. What with him being the 'Carp King' 21lb 4oz and don't I know it ;-)