Saturday, 5 April 2008

Hurlston Hall Fishery and a few Tench

As today was the Grand National and Liverpool were live on t.v at 12 O'clock, I anticipated that Hurlston Hall would be quiet, therefore I wouldn't have to get there too early and worry about getting a decent peg. I wasn't wrong the place was empty. There were around 6 people on the whole lake. I was soon set up and in the water. My first fish was a Tench of around 1lb 7oz and my second fish was also a Tench this was around 3lb and this was also my last fish of the day, in a total of 11 hours fishing. In fact at the end of the session today as other anglers compared notes it seemed that the only fish coming off the lake were Tench. I saw one Carp come out and apparently weighed in at 12lb. Although there wasn't much action today the weather held up and the sun was very welcome whilst reclining back in my new chair.