Tuesday, 15 April 2008

Hurlston Hall

Met up with Beef and Mo at Hurlston Hall for a days Carping session. Not much action there today, thinking of re-naming these sessions as Tenching as that's all that seem to be coming of there recently. Beef had one Tench, but had to leave early so I'd say he would have had more, Mo had one very late on, and I had four, including a hair raising moment with two on at the same time. This is a first for me but I managed to land both. I reeled the first fish half way, I could feel it wasn't too heavy and presumed it was a Tench. I struck into the second fish and landed it, another Tench! I then returned to the first rod and my presumption that it was hooked onto a Tench was soon confirmed. When Mo fell asleep I sneaked over and pulled his line on his alarm, see video clip above ;-) All four Tench were caught on Boilies using stringers.