Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Beacon View starts producing the goods

7lb 9oz SturgeonMirror Carp
White Sturgeon 7lb 7oz
Beef's Sturgeon 7lb 1oz

Met Beef at Beacon View Fishery at 6.30am. Weather for today was nice and sunny and the temperature is starting to warm up. Surely today the Carp on this water would be starting to feed! Beef was soon in to a fish and a Sturgeon was soon on the bank, it weighed in at 7lb 1oz. Beef was called in to work at around 10.30 so I was left to my own devices for the rest of the day. By about 3 o'clock I still hadn't had a fish. I'd missed quite a few runs during the morning, I put this down to Sturgeon picking up the bait and dropping it when it felt the weight on the line. I decided that I needed to change tactics. I removed the whole rig off the line including the weight and basically just tied the hair rig to my main line, and my bait choice was a massive lump of cheese, this seemed to do the trick as within 30 minutes I had my first fish on the bank, a Sturgeon weighing a healthy 7lb 7oz this particular fish was rather strange looking as it was almost all white in colour. A few hours past before I caught again, a carp weighing around 4 to 4 and a half pound. About an hour before I packed up I caught another Sturgeon, this one weighed 7lb 9oz, this is my new Surgeon PB. No big Carp showed today but had great fun with the Sturgeon!