Sunday, 27 April 2008

First time at Ince Blundell Woods

View of the lake at Ince Blundell Woods

Fancied a go at Hurlston Hall again today, the weather was lousy and was absolutely chucking it down. I expected Hurlston to be empty, I couldn't have been more wrong, it was packed, so much so that I couldn't even find a parking place. There was no way I was going to fish there today, I hate crowded fisheries. Inspired by a message that someone had left me on my blog, I made my way to Ince Blundell Woods Fishery. It's a little out the way but I'd heard raving reports about this water so I figured it was worth the journey. My first impressions of the place were not good. A purpose dug pit that is nothing more than a Carp puddle. There are no pegs and the banking is rather steep, and there are no features, the whole place lacks character. The water is way over priced for fishing, £5 for one rod, £9 for two rods, and a staggering £13 for three! As for the fishing, I saw three Carp come off the water in the 9 hours or so that I was there. I didn't get one bite, and certainly no runs. This is not a water I will be rushing back to in a hurry.