Sunday, 18 April 2010

The accidental Piker

I was to take advantage of the excellent weather of late by fishing one of my local reservoirs this weekend. The temperature is now touching around 15 -16c. I was looking forward to a session fishing on the tip. I was hoping to catch a few Bream as I'm told this water holds some good specimens. I didn't catch any though, a little too early for them perhaps? Not be too long now before I start to bag up on the Slabs. I did catch a good few Roach for my efforts, they were a good stamp too, perhaps averaging around 5 to 6 ounces.

I was just about to land one of my prize Roach, when from out of nowhere a Pike spotted an easy target and struck at my fish. Within an instant my line went tight and I had to quickly loosen the clutch, I had hooked in to a decent sized Pike. I was only on a 2oz tip, 6lb main line 3lb bottom matched with a size18 hook. I held on for dear life! The Pike stripped line from my reel at an awesome pace. Oh my what fun I was having! I knew that the chances of landing the fish was very slim, one brush of those teeth with my hook length and it would all be over. Luckily I had managed to hook it just in the scissors, and after a 5 minute battle it was slipped into the net. The scales stopped on 8lb 4oz, a good fish on light gear.

Rather ironic then isn't it - I stop fishing for Pike and target other species and I still manage to catch one, and a pretty good one at that. Such is the unpredictability of fishing

An accidental Pike

Pristine Roach