Friday, 30 April 2010

A new venue and a Bream PB

A new venue for me to try today, because of work commitments I'd have to pack away at 2pm. Because of this reason I don't usually fish on Friday's. So in order to make the day worthwhile I set my alarm the previous night at a thought shuddering 4am. What the hell! Summer is nearly here so it's time to take advantage of these early morning day breaks.

I fished the tip and I was hoping to snare the odd decent sized Bream or Tench on this visit and for getting up that time in the morning I deserved something of merit, well that's what I kept telling myself.

My first fish on the bank was a Roach, and this was followed by another Roach, and another, I'm sure you're getting the picture, my choice of bait was single red maggot and I was struggling to get through the Roach, my theory though was stick at it and eventually the bigger fish will come, and that they did, eventually my tip rod ripped around and I was finally into a good fish, it was taking line and I was enjoying playing the beast from the deep when... Disaster! It headed for my other line, forcing me to bully it, the inevitable happened and the 4lb hook link snapped.

I sat on the bank a despondent figure of my former self. I'd lost what could only have been a Tench of giant proportions. I love this fishing malarkey, but it can be a cruel one at times. There's nothing worse in fishing than losing a good fish.

Half an hour later and as my tip rod was bending double, all my previous troubles and woe's were that of a distant memory. I had another decent fish on and this time I was going to land it.
A new personal best Bream of 4lb 9oz made getting up at the unearthly hour all worthwhile, and would you believe it, and not too long after. I caught another Bream of 4lb 10oz another PB and beaten by just one ounce.

I kept to my word and packed up at 2pm, I could easily have stayed there until...Well if the truth be told I'd still be there if I could get away with it. It's the bank holiday weekend though and that means one thing. Fishing and plenty of it.

4lb 10oz Bream