Monday, 12 April 2010

Jigging at Sunset

I could argue with myself that this post isn't really worth posting, save for the fact that I got some good sunset pictures I shall continue. You will of course notice that I've tinkered around with the pictures in photoshop, the black and white one happens to be my favourite.

Additionally sometimes you must realise that it's not all about the fishing and every now and again you should take the time to look around. There is lots to see, and if you become too focused on the fishing you'll miss it. Over the past few weeks whilst I have been out and about I have spotted some beautiful birds. A Goldfinch, many a Kingfisher amonst others but my star spot has to be a little Egret which I saw wading across a field.

I headed to the Canal just before sunset for a spot of Jigging. I tried a few different colours, and eventually had a take from a small Jack of around a pound. Better than a blank I suppose, of course I wasn't targeting Pike I was hoping to snare a Perch or two, it wasn't to be.

Now that the light nights are here I'll probably have a few ad hoc sessions here and there, time to keep the Jigging rod on the back of the van for such occasions.