Wednesday, 28 April 2010

An afternoon's bit bashing on the Canal

It was time to properly dust the Pole down, head down to my local canal this afternoon to try my hand at catching a net full of fish. The rising temperature has really woken the fish up, and no longer do I have to rely on them taking small bread punch offerings as bait. Single red Maggot and Pinkies were on the menu today, and they took them readily.

I ended up with a mixed bag of Roach, Bream, Perch, Skimmers and a token Eel for my efforts. I finished with a total of 35 fish and a combined net of 9lb 4oz (which would have tipped 10lb's if I had weighed the Eel.)

No decent sized Bream today, but there was a good head of Perch all around 5 to 6oz, the best fish of the day was a cracking Roach that weighed in at 12oz, I shall claim this as a new PB, I've probably had bigger but never taken the trouble to weigh one individually. The vibrant red fins on this Roach were absolutely stunning. I can see why some people target them specifically.

An eclectic bag

The 12oz Roach