Friday, 27 February 2009

1 Pike and a surprise catch

I opted for a peg on the Sluice that I had fished twice already this week, I'd had a couple of takes there, but I had blanked on both occasions, never one to be beaten, I decided to give it another crack today. I casually set up my rods at around 10am, to pass the time I decided to fish my whip and catch a few bits, I had a Skimmer Bream, Perch and I also caught a cracking Tench, I was fishing on a 1lb bottom hook link, on a size 22 hook, baited with a single red maggot. What a battle I had trying to land it, it had me all over the place, I'd been snapped a couple of times already, so I was urging this one into the net. Catching this Tench means that spring is well and truly on the way. As for Pike I was to get one run all day, which resulted in a fish of around 8lb's. Well it might not be a fish of legends, but I can head somewhere different next week. :-)

Surprise catch of the day
Once again I look so serious*
*I'd like to point out that my camera has a maximum of 10 seconds for a self timed take, thus causing me to forget to smile :-) Like i've said before I'm smiling on the Inside