Sunday, 22 February 2009

4 Doubles in 4 days

I was on the bank for 7am this morning, it was all part of my plan. I wanted to fish the three pools, and I chose a peg that wouldn't attract other Pikers, there is only room for one piker on this particular section, as I'm rather territorial over my swim, and I expected there to be a few people out fishing today, this place would suit me nicely. At around 8.50 I had my first run, a fish of 12lb 2oz was in the net, around an hour or so later I was in again, and I had a brilliant fight off this Pike, it went ballistic, it took me around 5 minutes to land it, when I had it on the bank I soon figures out why. It wasn't in the best condition, part of it's mouth was ripped, and there was also a trace in it's mouth from a previous encounter with another Piker, the trebles were out of sight and in it's stomach, I snipped the trace but left the hooks well alone, this highlights the importance of having the correct tools on you when out Piking, I always have a set of side cutters in my kit. And that was that, despite my efforts and staying until the edge of dark, I didn't see anymore action. Still I mustn't grumble as I've had a pretty good week this week, 17lb 10oz, 16lb 2oz, 12lb 2oz, 10lb, 9lb, and a 6lb all made it on the bankside this week. Good One!

10lb Pike and a great scrapper!
12lb 2oz (I smile on the inside;-)A closer look at the mouth damage caused by a trace left in it's mouth