Friday, 13 February 2009

First Pike in the net from Three Pools

I fancied a change from The Sluice today, so I headed to Three Pools, and in particular to an area that I haven't fished for a couple of years. The area is very untidy but it felt Pikey. I was to be proven correct. My first run resulted i my first Pike ever caught on the Three Pools drain, not one of the bigger residents but at 9lb I wasn't disappointed. I had 3 more runs the first 2 the fish came off on the strike, and the 3rd one the Pike picked up the bait but dropped it before I struck, I'm presuming that there was an over ambitious jack Pike in the area taking a liking to my Mackerel. It was a drag to pack up, as I felt that there was more Pike to be caught. I'll be heading back there a few times next week ;-)