Monday, 23 February 2009

Pike! they're a bit like buses

I headed to the Sluice and to an area that doesn't get too much pressure, this proved to be a great move, I was into my first Pike within 20 minutes of setting up, another great scrap, not quite a double though scraping in at around 9lb's, about an hour later I was in again, this time the fish felt bigger, the Pike are really fighting hard at the moment, this mild weather has really woken them up, it took a good few minutes for it to slip into the net, and she was a good weight too, 13lb's 14oz, the importance of always having your whits about you when fishing came into it's own today, as I was fishing 2 rods, and I always keep an eye on the other float when I'm unhooking a capture, a good job too as unbelievably my other float was away, I was in again, and the first pike wasn't even unhooked. I covered the Pike that was on the bank and struck into the second fish, then the unthinkable happened my top section of my FOX Warrior rod snapped, I had to play the fish with a broken rod, no problem, with a bit of maneuvering and keeping the line tight with my other hand she was soon in the net, another good fish too, weighing in at 11lb 4oz. Two doubles on the bank within minutes, this has never happened to me before, and I doubt it'll happen again for a long time if ever. I was fishing on my own, so there aren't any decent photos, just what I could manage on a 10 second self timer. Around an hour later I was in once again, another Pike of 9lb's, all in all a good days fishing, and another first for me, as I've never had 4 fish on the bank in one sitting.

First Pike of the day at 9lb
Two doubles on the bank rather rare for the Sluice
The 11lb 4oz
Both together I'm holding the 13lb 14oz
Last of the day another 9lb'er