Saturday, 9 April 2011

Bagging up time!

I'm becoming a little disillusioned with the world of blogging. The reasons for now I shan't go in to. It's even crossed my mind to finish blogging altogether. However I have been putting quite a few fish on the bank of late, so I felt inspired to write a little report.

My first Carping night fishing trip of the year, produced 3 decent sized Bream all of which were around the 4lb mark. No Carp on this trip. Panto fared a little better by landing two Carp around 9lb's.

I also fished a local lake and fished the Method, two Tench and one Chub provided a little sport, but on the whole it was a quiet session.

An early visit to a favoured Tench water wasn't the most porductive of sessions, although I did land one Tench of 5lb 8oz and a Pike of around a pound took a liking to my ledgered hook bait.

On a better note, the fish on the canal have well and truly woken up, no longer am I scrapping around in the reeds with bread punch hoping to catch a few small Roach.

I headed to my local stretch on Thursday, the weather was overcast and there was a light breeze causing a light ripple on the water.

It's a great sign of how the session is going to fish when you have a fish in the net within the first minute of fishing.

I caught a good head of Skimmers, Roach, Bream and even the odd Gudgeon, which were recently stocked in this water.

I finished the day with just over 14lb of fish, I even took the trouble to count them there were 53 in total. I'll be heading back there in the next week or so hoping for a big bag of Bronze Bream.

Wakey! Wakey!

First bag up of the year