Sunday, 10 April 2011

Spoons are not just for desserts

The Piking rods are hung up in the garage and I probably won't be bringing them out until late August beginning of September. Some may argue that October 1st is the traditional day of the start of the Piking season. However given that most waters will be in flood in November and the possibility that December through to January the waters will probably be frozen over, the Piking season is somewhat cut short by the elements.

Having said that the nights are getting longer, and the opportunity to head to a water to cast a few lures is almost too hard to resist.

I called Allan and suggested we head to a private water to see if we could tempt a Pike or two, foolishly he was agreeable.

The water we fished is pretty large and there are a few bays that hold a good head of bait fish. What self respecting Pike wouldn't set up home there?

I tried several lures but eventually chose a kuusamo spoon which Gord had talked me in to buying. (which I haven't paid him for yet. I'm sure he's losing a bit of sleep over this, no seriously he will be losing sleep over it, he's reminded me to pay him for it I'd say no less than six occasions.)

Spoons are often neglected on waters in favour of more 'in vogue' lures such as replicant's and Rapala's. My personal best Pike of 26 lb fell to a spoon. The flash of steel caught by the overhead sun as it cuts though the water is often far too a temptation for a Pike laying in ambush to resist.

A point soon proven by the fact that the only fish caught on this session fell to a spoon.

A Pike of around 6lb a little battle scarred probably from the rituals of recent spawning activities put a nice bend in the Jerkbait rod.

Just couldn't resist the spoon

The kuusamo 'Professor' spoon