Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Three PB's in a day

Bank Holiday Monday

I had a few options of when and where to go fishing this weekend, eventually I chose to fish for Tench. Some will argue that it's too early for this particular species. They're wrong! Why hold back on catching them? They come to no harm being fished for at this time of year. They're just waking up from their winter slumber, and once located they will provide a great days sport.

A visit to the water the week before resulted in a disappointing session. I managed to catch just one Tench and two Bream. (I never thought I'd regard a session where I caught a 5+ Tench and two Bream over 4lb's a disappointment, perhaps I'm becoming a little expectant) The Tench were feeding but not on the side of the lake that I was at. I watched the water throughout the day and one peg in particular was doing the business. That would be the peg I'd head to on my next visit.

Bank holiday Monday! A foolish day to be going fishing? The thought had crossed my mind, but rather surprisingly the water wasn't full of anglers.

I was set up in my swim before sunrise ready to catch the early morning Tench feeding. As daylight appeared it became apparent that there was a thick fog surrounding the area.

As the fog lifted, the sun finally managed to make an appearance. Within a couple of minutes of the glaring sun hitting the lake I was in to my first Tench. A coincidence? I'd say not. The fog must have been putting them off the feed. A theory perhaps backed up by the fact that as I was playing my fish, my other rod was screaming off. I'd sat there for three hours with nothing to show and suddenly I was in to two at the same time.

I landed both fish, a brace of 5lb Tench. Things were looking up. I cast the tip rod to mid water and picked up what I thought was a Bream. I couldn't believe my eyes when I netted a stunning Roach of 1lb 7oz. A new PB Roach for me and by some margin too. I was delighted with this catch and I was thankful that it came on the tip rod and not the ledger rod, as it made the catch a little more special.

The Tench fed steadily throughout the day and I ended up with a record haul of 12 Tench in total and an average stamp of around 5lb +

The biggest Tench of the day was a right old lump of 7lb 4oz. I'd managed to beat my old Tench PB by 1lb 7oz. Another catch made all the sweeter as it also came on the tip.

The 1lb 7oz Roach

The 5lb Brace

7lb 4oz and a new PB