Friday, 22 April 2011

A very Good Friday Carping on the tip

Good Friday was here and although I couldn't take the whole day off work, I would have chance to fit a good few hours fishing in. I made my way to a water that contains some good Carp and Tench.

The weather was absolutely scorching today, easily above 70 Fahrenheit . The kiss of death for any fishing session if you ask me.

I fished on the Greys G-Tec 9ft 6" Bomb rod on bread flake. I was getting bites but wasn't connecting anything. I was obviously suffering to the hands of smaller fish. After a few frustrating hours I'd had enough so switched over to the method.

I was sweltering in the burning heat, cursing to myself that I hadn't gone fishing earlier in the morning, more likely when the fish were feeding!

Eventually after several hours my rod wrapped around and I was in to a good fish, it felt a good lump too. On light tackle it took me a good 10 minutes to land. I was pretty happy to see a rather nice looking Common Carp of 12lb 2oz land in the net.

My first Carp of the year but not the last as two more followed, the second 6lb+ and the third a very hard fighting Mirror Carp weighing 10lb.

What great fun Catching Carp on the tip is, until today I'd never caught a Carp on the tip before. I'll definitely be having another go at them soon.

12lb 2oz Common Carp
6lb 5oz
10lb Mirror Carp