Monday, 18 April 2011

A Bream and an unintentional Pike

I asked Allan as to where his preferred fishing destination would be for this Saturday's session. And he chose well. We headed for the first time this year to the Bream water.

We arrived just after dinner and our intentions were to fish it an hour or two into dark.

The fishing was steady but not prolific, I caught a few Roach and Skimmers. If I remember rightly I think I ended up with 21 fish on the day, Allan fared a little better with 27 or so. The Bream were a no show, although around 10pm Allan landed a cracking fish of 5lb 2oz. They say Bream feed in shoals and once you catch one if they stay on your bait you'll catch them all. Well not on this occasion, as this was the only Bream of the session.

My session wasn't without incident. There was a opportunist Pike striking at the Roach as I was putting them back in the water. I'd say that throughout the day it had snaffled around 6 of my fish. Finally the inevitable happened, as I was bringing a fish in, the Pike struck and and my tip rod bent over double as it tried to make off with it's free meal. During the fight I'd managed to hook the Pike in it's scissors. The Battle was cut short by Allan's swift netting skills. The Pike was around 5lb. It looked like it had been in the wars a little. Scars from recent spawning activities I'd wager.

I just can't seem to be able to get away from these them there Pike!

The 5lb 2oz Bream
The probably 5lb Pike