Sunday, 27 March 2011

The late bird doesn't catch the worm!

A tip session on a private lake that holds some decent sized fish was on the cards today. I arranged a time with Panto and Allan that at first was 6 O'clock then changed to 7 and finally stopped on 8am.

The water at this time of the year is very peggy, the majority of the fish seem to hold in one particular bay, accessible by only three pegs. It would seem that a few people have worked this out for themselves, thus there is usally a clamber to the hot pegs.

As I arrived and made way to the area I could see that two anglers had beaten us to the swims.

I was annoyed at myself for not making the effort of getting out of bed sooner. I said we'd struggle to get bites and that we did. Allan fished the Pole and didn't get a bite. the whole session. I fished the the tip which produced nothing! The ledger rod saved me a blank by catching a Skimmer of around a pound, better than a blank I suppose.

Panto, fished one of the hot pegs on the Pole and caught quite a few small fish. Q.E.D!

The trip wasn't a complete waste of time though as I observed some nice Long - tailed Tits, one of which I managed photograph.

Long tailed- Tit