Tuesday, 15 March 2011

The toss of a coin

Well it was here, the final day of the river season. Myself and Panto were to make the most of this nostalgic day by meeting up at day break. We both had our eyes on an area we wanted to fish. In the interest of fairness and sportsmanship we decided to let fate decide our positions. The winner of a coin toss would not be able to decided where to fish but would be given the 'Hot Peg' A twenty pence piece was tossed into the air and Panto called heads. It was tails! The peg was mine. A forlorn Panto trudged off to the next swim. The peg choice indeed proved to be critical.

The action came fast and furious. In around three hours I landed a total of 5 fish to 11lb's, they were mostly small Pike between 5 and 8lb's but they were still giving the rod a good bend. I stayed until dusk hoping to catch a decent Perch but they didn't show. Panto was left cursing his luck as his only fish of the day was a tiny Pike of around 10oz.

I'd seen the season out in style, in under a week I'd netted a total of 15 Pike, nearly half of which were doubles. I will look back at this season with great fondness. I've taken numerous canal doubles to 16lb 4oz, and my new Sluice PB of 17lb 6oz won't be forgotten in a hurry. I've had a great haul of Pike over the last few months and It's been great fun catching them. I've had some great laughs with my mates along the way, and at the end of the day, that's what it's about isn't it?

The first of five

The last double of the season

A leeched up Pike