Wednesday, 9 March 2011

The day Gordy was late for fishing!

As I slept in my bed last night I could hear the wind causing a commotion, the gates to the back garden were thudding against the side of the house, the gutters hummed a haunting tune under the stress of a menacing wind. This wasn't good news as I wanted to sneak a few hours fishing in the morning before work.

My fears of abandoning the session were not eased as when I eventually dared to peek out the window, it was absolutely chucking it down and blowing a gale. Damn it! I wasn't for fishing in that. I had though arranged to meet Gord this morning and when he phoned me we somehow managed to talk each other into still going despite the weather.

I'd set off and was making way to the Sluice when Gord phoned again. "I'm not fishing in that Matt, I've changed my mind" I pulled the van over, questioned my own sanity and almost turned back. No! I'd come this far, the gear was in the van and I'd set off already. The Pirate declared that if I was fishing it then he'd come too. Almost as quick as it was over the session then was back on.

I arrived at my peg well ahead of my fishing companion. I had the area to myself so I set about setting the rods up. My third rod was just about baited up and in the water when my left hand float indicated a bite. My reaction was that of glee as my indecision's on whether or not to fish this morning had paid off almost immediately upon my arrival. I wound down on to the slack line and set the hooks, I was met with some hefty resistance, what the hell had I hooked into here? I knew I was into a big fish because she wasn't for showing. A battle ensued and what seemed like around half an hour was probably in reality around a minute.

I finally raised her head out of the water. When she slipped into the net I took one look at her girth and guessed she was around 16lb. I zeroed the scales and watched the needle come to a stop on 17lb 6oz. What a result! A new Sluice PB and all I could think was 'Thank god I didn't turn back'

The Swashbuckling Pirate arrived just in time to take the snaps. Good old Gordie I knew he had his uses ;)

I stayed for a few hours just in case there was something else lurking in the depths, and there was, alas it was just a rooting tooting Jack of around 2lb's.

So a day of what if's and might have beens that has a happy ending. Oh and I'm still smiling to myself about that fish :D

17lb 6oz