Saturday, 12 March 2011

At the double!

It was Allan's turn to try his luck at landing a specimen Pike today. We met up at out agreed location at 7am. We settled on an area and after an hour I got itchy feet. It doesn't feel right here mate, We have to move. We saddled up like pit ponies and walked to a more favored stretch.

Within 10 minutes of recasting our baits on to the area we'd both landed Pike.

Allan was the first to catch, a nice double of around 11lb was his reward for moving. We were just congratulating ourselves in making the effort of upping sticks when I heard an almighty splash, I saw fish scatter and fry jump for their lives, my float disappeared into the murky depths with some gusto, this had to be one of the most violent takes that I've ever had the pleasure of witnessing. Another nice Pike just 2oz's shy of 13lb. I was a happy man as this was my sixth double of the week.

Allan's back!

12lb 14oz