Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Tempted by Perch

A phone call from Allan in the afternoon revealed his intentions on fishing the canal later that evening. I wasn't for going fishing today as the night before (Foolishly) I'd promised to stay in and watch tele with 'Her in doors' But just knowing that Allan would be out there fishing became all too tempting. So, I decided to risk the wrath of the Mrs and join him.

I had other commitments which meant I could only get there from around 8pm, so I decided it wasn't worth the effort in setting up on the pole, for what would be only two hours fishing maximum. Catching Perch by design though was a different matter.

I dropped my bait into the water and with 3 seconds it was away, I was stunned - So quick! Unbelievable! Sometimes you can be there all day and not so much as a bite, I must have plonked it right on the nose of a Perch. No Hollywood ending here though as the blighter fell off.

Thankfully there wasn't long to wait before I landed my first of the evening. I didn't bother weighing it, but it was easily over a pound. Minutes later and I was in again, a small one by comparison but all customers are welcome on my new rig.

The next and final fish delivered to me another Perch PB. A hard fighting 'Had to use the clutch' fish of 1lb 9oz, bringing me all the more closer to my canal target of 2lb, not quite there yet but I'm getting closer. I must add that I'm not in a rush to achieve this as I'm having lots of fun looking for it.

As for Allan, well there is just no stopping him with this Pole fishing malarkey, consider that he only fished for 3 hours he had a very impressive net full of 30 odd fish to 4 and a half pound. All I can say, and believe me I keep saying it to him is that "He had a good teacher" ;)

They get bigger

and biggerand bigger - 1lb 9oz