Thursday, 1 July 2010

The dull and overcast day


I joined Allan on the Canal for a couple of hours fishing, I had intentions of giving him a run for his money on the Pole, but time got the better of me so I went for a spot of Perching instead. I wasn't to be disappointed as I had another Perch over the pound mark.

Worth turning up for
A dull and overcast day in the middle of summer could mean only one thing, fishing! Surely the fish would respond well to a break in the scorching temperatures that we've been having over the last couple of weeks? So with that in mind I decided to head to the Sluice and to target Tench.

I arrived just after dinner, the place was empty, seemingly the threat of rain (which didn't arrive until i packed up!) had deterred other anglers from joining me.

While I waited for some action on the Tench rod's I occupied myself by setting up on the whip. I fished single maggot in the margin, and it was literally a fish a chuck. The season is a couple of weeks old now, and a good steady stream of bait from other anglers is attracting and holding the fish.

A couple of hours came and went when my tip rod bent around to the right, I lifted in to the take and felt a decent lump resisting my strike. I was happily playing this fish when suddenly my other rod was also in on the action. Two Tench at the same time. Thankfully I managed to land both.

I finished the session with 5 Tench to 4lb's and 2 Bream to 3lb. 5oz. The photographs aren't that good as I had to use the steps that lead down to the peg as a tripod as I'd foolishly forgotten my camera adapter .

My first Sluice Bream in a while

Tench # 1 of the double hook upThe other part of the Brace
The hardest fighter
If I'd have packed up after this one I'd have
Stayed dry, will I ever learn?