Sunday, 27 June 2010

Hot days, some Tench and a PB Perch


Too lazy to start fishing at first light today, I meandered down the the Sluice in the afternoon. I set up fishing in the blistering heat and sat it out until Dusk. My main quarry today was to be Tench (I'll wait for some dull overcast days before I target Pike).

I fished to ledger rods under feet and the tip on the far bank, of which produced me my first Tench of the session and a few Perch for my efforts. The fishing as predicted in the heat was a little slow. Two tench fell to the method bringing my days total to 3 the biggest of which weighed in at 3lb 15oz.

Allan has his day:

Went Pole fishing on the canal with Allan, he beat me. The End......

In search of a slightly bigger Perch:

Whilst I've been out and about Pole fishing on the canal of late, I have seen one or two big(ish) Perch hanging about in the margin, one of which took it upon itself to attack Allan's keep net, a sight that I have never seen before, Pike maybe but never perch.

Inspired then by the obviously ravenous Perch, it was once again time to target old stripey.

It didn't take me too long to hook into a decent sized Perch either, and it also didn't take me long to lose it. I was gutted. Never mind! It was back to the drawing board and a rethink on the rig that I was using. A couple of days later and finally, and after a little effort I landed my first Perch by design. OK so at 1lb 6oz it was no monster, but it was a new PB for me. I shall target Perch on the canal over the coming weeks, fingers crossed I'll catch some good fish while I'm at it.